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                          Shopping Process

                          Our manual customer service time is: Monday to Friday 8:30-17:00, and the delivery time is: Monday to Friday. If you have any questions, you can call 010-61136123. We welcome your calls at any time, non-manual customer service time or 

                          During statutory holidays, you can send an email to: sales@kuanersoft.com, or place an order according to the normal process, and we will arrange the delivery for you in the shortest time

                          1. Confirm information when you order products: company name, customer name, contact information, delivery address, billing information, and product number and quantity.

                          2. Same-day delivery: We will arrange the same-day delivery for all China stocks ordered before 3 o'clock on the same day. If it is American stock, it will be shipped in the normal required time.

                          3. Shipping method: We will deliver the goods by express or freight.

                          4. Transportation restrictions: some products have special storage conditions or related to laws and regulations, please pay attention to our product information.

                          5. Price: Our company will try our best to maintain price stability. All prices are in RMB. If there is a price change, we will not make another reminder. For confirmed orders, we guarantee a 90-day written validity.

                          6. Mass production: If you need mass production, please contact our sales staff directly.

                          7. Return and exchange: If the product has quality problems, please contact our customer service staff in time to return and exchange the goods. Without permission, returns will not be accepted.

                              7.1 Including but not limited to the following situations will not be returned

                              (1) Special specification products, customized products

                              (2) Leaked or damaged chemicals

                              (3) Products with fuzzy product labels that affect information recognition

                              (4) Frozen products that have been opened

                              (5) Products that cannot be sold due to product damage during the return

                              7.2 The customer needs to pack the product properly. If cryopreservation is required, the corresponding low-temperature packaging is required,     otherwise the customer will have to bear the loss.

                              7.3 For all returns other than quality problems, we will charge a 15% handling fee for storage and testing, with a minimum of RMB 100.

                          8. Service and quality complaints: If you have any complaints, you can send an email to sales@kuanersoft.com

                          After sale
                          Online service time: 9:00-18:00 on weekdays